Monday, 25 June 2018

How to Add anti Adblock script into your blog and boost adsense earning

we blogger do very hard and we write blog and apply for adsense approval but our some of the visitors use anti blocker to block ads on our websites which really decrease our earning but by using some of the method we can restricted our sites from without ads it means by using Anti ads blocker on our sites.

What is Ad-blocker ?
it is a sytem in  which if our visitors use ad blocker and as we know we make money by showing ads on our blog, so they block this ads by the using this widget script you can stop your websites surfing without ads.

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Features of this widget
here are some features of this widgets are listed below.
Fully Responsive
High Accuracy
Analytics Tracking ready
Great Design and many more

where and how can I install this script ?
you can install this script on any platform(Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, etc.)

How to install this script on blogger ?
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to install this script on blogger, follow the given steps

step 1:go to your blogger dashboard >theme > Edit HTML and find </Body> by pressing crtl+f  and paste the given code below before the </Body>  tag.


code credit to Nitishk Gupta
Replace the with your own png.
find 'ADBLOCKER DETECTED' and replace with your own title.
and the remaining setting by your own.